Yoga sessions that come to you

Any good practitioner of yoga will know that the most important part of yoga is the breath. If you need to continually check a video or a teacher in a led class you will be distracted from your breath and distracted from the flow of your practice.

Personalised yoga tuition allows you to focus on you and the techniques in which you are engaged.

What I do is observe and instruct, so that you can fine-tune your postures, without any distraction. This is why I call it personalised yoga tuition.

“Yatren seems to notice everything about my posture, even the direction I am looking in,  and getting that right makes a real a difference!” Nadia, Digital consultant

Try a class to experience the difference. If you’re ready – take your wellbeing, and yoga experience to a higher level. Take the step, you won’t be disappointed.

Personalised yoga

Personalised yoga is the traditional way to study yoga. It is for the sincere and clever minded, who are interested in moving deeper into their studies of self-mastery and higher consciousness.

“Weekly, Yatren asks us to focus on an aspect of practice – an aspect of the breath, a part of the body etc.  I often find myself tuning in to that during the day.  Brings a moment of quiet diversion.” Helen, Barrister

How does yoga online work?

Students use their laptop, iPad, tablet or phone to join the class. So all you need is a space to practice. You may have the perfect spot already, it may be as simple as moving your coffee table aside and joining the video call. Roll out a mat about 3 meters away from your computer/device and you are ready to go.

‘You will learn and practice yoga in your home or workplace with Yatren – who brings 21 years’ experience teaching yoga, with 5 of those years exclusively online – to class, each day.’

“We can concentrate on own practice without comparing with others.”  – Miho, Real Estate Executive

What will I learn in class?

I’ll tailor a series of yoga postures that will be appropriate for your energy levels, your health issues and your goals. The sequences are always individually tailored for you and the capabilities of your body.

Whether you are just starting out, or have a vast amount of experience, I will ensure that you have the highest standard of instruction to fine tune your practice, so that you can progress with ease and confidence.

Development of your practice comes with being proactively present. That’s why we start every class with conscious breathing. 

This enables you to:

  • Focus on the present
  • Refresh your brain
  • Increase your oxygen levels
  • Liven your internal organs

Duration of each session is 60 minutes, If you have the time add a complimentary 30 minutes.

Monday – Friday (early morning AEST)

  • start 5.30, 600 or 6.30 am


or CONTACT Yatren on: 0408 572 938

When you practice yoga and meditation techniques regularly you will live fully in the present, increase mindfulness, self-awareness and develop your personal effectiveness.