What could yoga at home really do for your practice?

Getting to class, making time for a class during the working week for professionals and executives is almost impossible. But with Yatren’s live online classes, a regular yoga practice is now possible.

Deadlines, networking, travelling all make it hard to commit to a regular class. By doing yoga at home, or at a hotel, these valid reasons are eliminated.

Yoga at home means:

  • Set your alarm just minutes before class starts
  • Wake up
  • Put on comfortable clothes, no one is looking!
  • Your mat
  • Your blanket
  • Your cushions
  • Your air
  • Don’t have to go through small talk

If your not at home, on a business trip or holiday – well guess what, you can still continue. Your plans don’t need to interrupt your advancement at all.

Illness, energy levels, spreading viruses; people often wont go to yoga when they sick, however in my class my students love to come to my class when they are sick. I give them a specific sequence to get them better faster. In fact, many of my students have healed from serious illness with their accompanying yoga practice developing as they got back to optimal health.

The best way to find out if you like yoga at home compared with a studio class, is simply to try it.

“I find being able to tune in for my yoga session particularly helpful when I am working interstate, which is often when I am faced with my most stressful challenges.” – Helen, Barrister

How yoga at home works

Attending classes is easy. Click on the link that I will email to you before each class, roll out your yoga mat about 3 metres away from your device, and you are ready to go. So far people have been using their laptop, iPad, tablet or phone to join the class. So all you need is fast Internet and a space to practice. You may have the perfect spot already, it may be as simple as moving your coffee table aside.

You will work at your own pace through a sequence of postures specifically designed to your level of experience. Whether you are just starting out, or have a vast amount of experience, I will ensure that you have the highest standard of instruction to fine tune your practice, so that you can progress with ease and confidence.

Each class with have 5 to 10 other dedicated students online. Each person will be doing his or her own practice at their own pace. Some people will be working slowly and gently, and others, more actively. At The Yoga Raj, there is a strong emphasis on presence throughout the physical practice. 

Interested in sampling a sincere practice from home? Try a class today!