The conscious breath meditation technique is the easiest one to practice, since you always have access to it. It is simply being conscious of your inhalation and exhalation, regardless of the activity that you are engaged in. Remember you don’t have to sit like a Yogi to practice this – though it is incredibly effective when you do!

Now that you are more attentive to your breath, and its ability to draw you to the present, start to also bring awareness to the gap between the inhalation and the exhalation, and the exhalation and the inhalation.

This is the turn point at the end of the inhalation, just before the beginning of the exhalation, and vice versa. Be mindful of this space, this gap between breaths is a quiet and still space.

There is no stress, no aggression, and no violence in this gap. It’s a space where you can be calm, alert, and convert habitual emotional reactions into proactively dealing with any challenge!

The greatest advantage of this technique is that it is always nearby. Whenever overwhelm sets in, watch the gap. When emotional or physical pain gets on top of you, watch the gap. When you are exercising or resting, watch the gap. When you are winning, watch the gap. When you are happy, watch the gap. Take a few moments now to watch the gap. The gap between breaths is always there, waiting for you to make use of it!



If this technique brings to mind anyone in your circle of friends, family or colleagues who may be interested in developing their personal effectiveness, I would be honoured if you shared it with them. Thank you!

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The Gap in the Breath

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