Hello, I'm Yatren and I teach yoga online. Classes are live, groups are small, and each day your practice is personalised to you.

“I wanted to travel, but not lose that connection with my teacher.” Nadia, Digital Consultant, Melbourne

“I wanted to concentrate on my own practice, without comparing with others.” Miho, Property Executive, Cairns

“I wanted to improve the connection between body and soul.” Lizbeth, Researcher, Netherlands

For 21 years I've been helping busy professionals develop and refine their personal yoga practice.

My students embody physical and mental strength that's clear in their career, family life and personal growth. Try a yoga class and see for yourself.

Your house, your mat, your class, your way.

Forget the morning rush. Just wake up and move into bliss.

Online Yoga classes each weekday, Australia-wide

Morning and afternoon classes, accessible to anyone with a mobile phone and WiFi

“I rarely miss a session because I am right there at the place where I practice. So my yoga practice has developed and deepened at a much greater pace - far more than it ever did before.” Helen, Barrister